750 words

A million years ago (that’s about 10 years ago in non-melodrama time), I started reading a book called The Artist’s Way. I started reading it again a few weeks ago–haven’t gotten a whole lot further than I think I did the first time. But I’ve started doing one of the practices that the author, Julia Cameron, prescribes: the “morning pages.” Ideally, morning pages are done (surprise!) in the morning (I’ve yet to accomplish this–not necessarily a morning person). It’s a way to just get whatever happens to be in your head out onto a page. Maybe something comes of it, maybe it’s garbage. Doesn’t matter. She recommends it even if your art isn’t writing. As I delve further into the book, I think I’ll share more of what I learn along the way.

I spent the last post sounding a little pouty and self-punishing, though that was not my intent. Quite the opposite, actually. But that was yesterday, right? Today, after spending a day and a half with my mom and my kids in Frankenmuth (a small town in mid-Michigan that has Bavarian-themed attractions–see the Google) and receiving some wise advice from a smart lady, I’ve decided to let my art take that journey. I want to let my craft find its way from my heart to the page.

There’s a website called 750 words. It’s based on the idea of the morning pages (Cameron suggests 3 pages each morning–a page being roughly 250 words.). That same smart lady that gave me some great advice introduced me to the site, and I was going to hit it every day last month. Well, I didn’t, so I’ll do my best hit it every day this month instead. No dwelling, no self-flagellation, no punishment. So far, I’ve managed to get something in there for three days straight, so I’ve yet to miss a day in December.

It’s cathartic.

Yesterday’s entry ended up here, but there’s no way all of them will–today’s for instance, is not for public consumption But, what I found it did was open the floodgates for this here post. I’m thinking there’s something to Ms. Cameron’s wisdom, and I can’t wait to learn more, write more and share more.

I have a tendency to be cautious about anything, because, let’s face it, I’ve been disappointed a lot in the last few years. But, I have to remember the times I’ve also been pleasantly surprised, too. So, I go into this endeavor with as positive an attitude as I can muster and know that I can’t just hope that it will happen. I have to do the work. And as I blathered into my December 2nd 750words entry, I know that it wasn’t only work, but that as I do this, as I release words onto the page, I am nurturing a vital part of me.

Self-care at its finest.

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